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Back-to-Nature Package Discount!

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-Participating in Nature
-Foraging the Mountain West
-Botany in a Day
-Classroom in the Woods DVD
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Living Homes and Stone House books plus dvds.

Living Homes    Stone House
Slipform Stone Masonry DVD
Build Your Own Masonry Fireplace DVD

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Outdoor Skills DVDs Special Discount
Save $75! Order all four Art of Nothing Wilderness Survival Video Series DVDs plus all three Stone Age Living Skills Video Classics Series DVDs for $100! Total Savings = $75.

The Art of Nothing
Wilderness Survival Video Series
DVD companions to the book
Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills

Also based on the article The Art of Nothing By Thomas J. Elpel.

      Have you ever dreamed of walking out into the woods to survive with nothing but the clothes you have on? You are not alone. In a society that is disconnected from the natural world, many individuals find themselves wondering about what lay beyond the pavement. We know that our ancestors lived by their bare hands and wits alone, but how did they do it? How would you do it? What would it be like to be so connected with the natural world that you could just leave everything behind and walk away into the woods? It is easier than you might expect.

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Participating n Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills
      You might think you would need to take a lot of classes and learn a gazillion skills to survive, but the real secret is in knowing how not to need very many skills at all. For example, if you've made a bowdrill fire set with a steel knife, you may wonder how to make a set without a knife. So how do you make a good enough stone knife to work wood as nicely as your steel knife? You don't. By breaking sticks and abrading them on rocks you can make a completely serviceable bowdrill set without the need for a fancy knife at all, as you will see in Volume One of the Art of Nothing Wilderness Survival Video Series.

      You won't get a laboratory-style skills demonstration in these videos. Instead, Thomas J. Elpel and his special guests take you camping in the real world and connect the dots, demonstrating how each of these skills are applied together to meet your basic needs of shelter, fire, water, and plant and animal foods. Also included in the videos are wild mushrooms and unique tools and cooking techniques, plus great scenery and wildlife footage, so you really get a multi-dimensional sense of the skills and the place.

      Each video takes place in a different setting in different seasons, with Thomas J. Elpel and his guests demonstrating completely different skills to meet their basic needs. [Read More...]

Stone Age Living Skills
Video Classics Series on DVD

      The Stone Age Living Skills Video Classic Series brings back to life on DVD some of the best primitive skills videos ever produced on VHS video. Our first three discs in this series feature seven great movies from four top instructors: Jim Riggs, Brian James, Robert Earthworm, and Melvin Beattie. Topics covered include: friction fire with the handdrill and bowdrill, plant fiber cordage, the primitive lifestyle, hide tanning with both wet-scrape and dry-scrape techniques, plus knapping arrowheads and making primitive arrows.

      These videos were originally filmed in the late 1980s and early 1990s on analog VHS video. Although the colors have faded some (giving that old time, "classic" look), the video content is good. Some video segments are noticeably pixelated due to the necessary compression to put three to four hours of video on each disc. However, this is a cosmetic detail only that does not detract from the skills content of the videos.

      Special Pricing: These seven videos originally sold for $30 each on separate VHS tapes. Now you can own all seven classics on DVD at a great low price. Purchase the three discs separately for $25 each, or order all three discs together for a special low price of $50--a savings of $160 compared to the cost of the original separate videos! [Read More...]

Outdoor Skills DVDs Special Discount
Save $75! Order all four Art of Nothing Wilderness Survival Video Series DVDs plus all three Stone Age Living Skills Video Classics Series DVDs for $100! Total Savings = $75.

Botany in a Day book cover.

Damaged Products Discount
Big Discounts on Books and DVDs with Blemished Covers

      Looking for a good discount on a new book or dvd? We often have products with blemished covers. These are perfectly good books and dvds, yet cannot be sold as brand new. Some have minor ink smudges from printing issues. Some have water damage or creases where the cover was bent and then straightened. Most of our blemished books were shipped out to universities for classes, then the overstock books returned. The covers accumulate minor cover sratches from the books sliding back and forth against each other through the extra shipping and handling. Our current supply of damaged dvds include some with water damage and others with scratches or creases in the cardboard cover. The dvds themselves work fine and our gauranteed to function or replaced at no charge. Check out the drop down menu for available book and dvd titles, subject to change according to supply.

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